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Affirmation: “My spirit is deeply grounded and centered in the present moment.”


Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Element: Earth

Zodiacs: Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio


  • Smoky Quartz is a stone of protection and grounding.
  • This crystal aids in purify thoughts, grounding energy, and activating ones own healing abilities.
  • Smoky Quartz is known for its ability to absorb negative energies from the environment.
  • work with Smoky Quartz to help clear out the “smoke” or the “fog” from ones ego aka “thinking mind, to help foster harmony and balance once again.
  • A highly protective stone, it not only helps clear out negative energies from your aura, but it allows for environmental and deep rooted negative thoughts to be cleared away as well.
  • Smoky Quartz crystal is associated with the root chakra and can be extremely grounding, as well as protect against negative energies. Smoky quartz crystals can help to alleviate depression and grief by releasing negative energy from the physical body into the earth where it cannot do harm.

Smoky Quartz Energy 8mm Bracelet

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