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Affirmation: “I am at one with myself, the Earth, and the Universe.”


Chakras: ALL

Element: ALL

Zodiacs: Cancer, Gemini


  • An ideal crystal to any collection, Selenite aka Satin Spar works to cleanse energies, including cleanse the energies of all other crystals in proximity to it. Reflecting light just like our moon, it gets its name from the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene.
  • A natural Transmuter, Selenite transmutes negative energy into positive, harmonious energy.
  • Selenite is one of the very few stones that does not require “cleansing”, as it naturally cleanses itself.
  • Selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of the mind, opening the crown and higher crown chakra.
  • Purifies and cleanses the aura, and protects one from negative influences.
  • Can be used to form a protective grid around a home or a sacred space.
  • Can be placed in a workplace to ensure a harmonious, calm, and peaceful atmosphere.
  • Instills a deep sense of inner peace and harmony.
  • It is a calming stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.
  • High vibrational angelic guidance and Strengthens Telepathic Abilities.

Selenite Energy 8mm Bracelet

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